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The 2022 RUA Professional Conference will take place at Caltech on September 12th & 13th.
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The NSF-AGEP RUA Professional Conference 2022 at Caltech!

The NSF-AGEP RUA Professional Conference is held every year and is hosted by one of the participating institutions.

The conference will feature opportunities for cross-institutional exchange and professional development between doctoral students, alumni, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and professional scientists from the participating universities.

The goal of the 2022 conference is to create a vibrant, connected community of RUA grad students and postdocs and provide safe spaces to discuss and learn about tough topics facing underrepresented academics. Topics we expect to address include managing service and outreach as faculty, dealing with the URM tax, being the only one in your department, building a support network, etc. Each of these learning spaces will be built to maximize interaction among participants and opportunities to build mentoring networks. We have experienced, engaging facilitators from multiple RUA institutions.

Photo from 2018 AGEP Conference

2022 RUA Professional Conference Details: 

Date: September 12th and 13th 

Location: Caltech, Pasadena California

Attendance will be decided by prospective participants’ home institutions after registrations are submitted. The Conference usually lasts two to three days, and includes:

— Keynote presentation

— Community networking

— Panel talks from AGEP alumni

— Professional development

Further details coming soon! 

Applications now open! The deadline to apply is June 17th, 2022.  

Limited NSF Funding will be available to eligible participants. Additional funding may be available from your home institution. You will be contacted after June 17, 2022 to confirm your participation.

If you have any questions please contact the Harvard RUA Coordinator, Jina Kim, via email at jina_kim@g.harvard.edu

Participating Universities

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