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The 2021 AGEP-RUA Professional Conference will take place virtually in September.
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The NSF-AGEP RUA Professional Conference

The NSF-AGEP RUA Professional Conference is held every year and is hosted by one of the participating institutions.

The conference will feature opportunities for cross-institutional exchange and professional development between doctoral students, alumni, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and professional scientists from the participating universities.

The conference will focus on community networking, professional development, and overview on academic job search, discussing job-related topics, demystifying faculty applications, and hosting job search workshops.

Gatherings for scholars will focus on networking and professional development that leads to faculty positions with advice ranging from how to do a chalk talk to how to negotiate a job offer.

Photo from 2018 AGEP Conference

Looking toward the future:

The theme and content for Conference will be decided by the host institution each year.

Each participating institution will invite potential participants (advanced graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, RUA alumni, faculty, and professional scientists).

Attendance will be decided by prospective participants’ home institutions after registrations are submitted. The Conference usually lasts two to three days, and includes:

— Keynote presentation

— Community networking

— Panel talks from AGEP alumni

— Professional development

— Panel talks on building networks — how do you find mentors, build networks, build productive interactions with colleagues

Participating Universities

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