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Events sponsored by RUA focus on the advancement of underrepresented minorities (URM) doctoral candidates, postdoctoral scholars and early-career faculty in the Mathematical, Physical, and Environmental Sciences, and Engineering (MPESE) disciplines.

RUA Events and Professional Development

The Research University Alliance employs multiple participant-focused interventions to facilitate the advancement of URM doctoral candidates, postdoctoral scholars and early-career faculty in MPESE disciplines: a doctoral candidate and postdoctoral scholar research exchange across partnering institutions; an on-line portal to facilitate placement and hiring of postdoctoral scholars; a faculty advancement initiative for postdoctoral scholars transitioning into early-career faculty positions; and a suite of academic community-building activities to enhance faculty career pathways, such as targeted professional development, cohort building and network development.


Photo from 2018 AGEP Conference

Upcoming Professional Development Events

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RUA Events

Annual Conference

The NSF-AGEP RUA Conferences will be hosted by one of the alliance institutions, starting with Harvard University.

The Conference will feature opportunities for cross-institutional exchange and professional development between doctoral students, alumni, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and professional scientists from the participating universities.

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