The Research University Alliance (RUA) is made up of a nine-university partnership that includes Berkeley, Caltech, Georgia Tech, Harvard University, UC Los Angeles, University of Michigan, Stanford University, University of Texas at Austin and University of Washington.

RUA’s goal is to diversify the future professoriate nationally by creating robust professional development, mentoring, and networking opportunities.

Making Connections

Research Exchange

Leveraging the Influence of Premier Institutions to Diversify the Mathematical, Physical, and Environmental Sciences and Engineering.

For the first time, nine of the nation's most prominent universities are engaging in joint mentorship, scientific collaboration, career development and guidance of advanced PhD students and postdoctoral fellows.

Research Exchange

I extensively interacted (with) very renowned researchers in their respective areas of MRI. As my work is directly built off of the discoveries that they have made, they were able to give me some insights into problems I am currently having in my own research. It was very valuable for me to be able to build more personal relationships with them for future collaboration/referee requests.

Research Exchange

The main takeaway for me from (my participation in) the research exchange was that innovation is achieved through collaboration.

Research Exchange

My Research Exchange experience to continue pursuing a career in academia and highlighted some of the opportunities that are available.

Research Exchange

The RUA Research Exchange was a pivotal moment in my graduate experience. Traveling to another university broadened my scientific horizons and convinced me to take the next step and apply for postdoctoral positions. I highly recommend that under-represented grads apply for a RUA Research Exchange, both to strengthen the network of minority scientists across the country and to further their own careers.
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Professional Development

Supporting the faculty track for postdoctoral scholars and late-stage graduate students.

The Research University Alliance will offer professional development training on a variety of topics that support the transition from graduate student into postdoc, laying a foundation for getting the most from postdoctoral training, gaining skills for thriving in the postdoc and in a faculty career, and preparing for a successful run on the faculty job market.

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Postdoctoral Concierge

Supporting the advancement of underrepresented graduate students to RUA postdoctoral positions.

The RUA Postdoctoral Concierge serves as the initial point of contact for inquiries of the RUA postdoctoral portal from prospective postdoctoral scholars, staff and faculty, and helps navigate the application process.

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