Collaboration & Mentorship

RUA Resources and Activities

Face-to-face interaction between scientists at any of our participating institutions

For the first time, nine of the nation’s most prominent universities are engaging in joint mentorship, scientific collaboration, career development and guidance of advanced PhD students and postdoctoral fellows.


The Research University Alliance is committed to supporting participants with activities and opportunities that focus on the advancement of underrepresented minority graduate and postdoctoral scholars that are pursuing academic careers in mathematical, physical, and environmental sciences, and engineering. We invite you to engage with our various activities and resources.

Participating Universities

Research Exchange

RUA will sponsor a student or postdoctoral fellow’s visit with a faculty member or research scientist for a short period to learn new techniques, engage in collaborative discussion for innovative problem solving and face-to-face interaction between scientists at any of our nine participating institutions.

Professional Development

Advanced graduate students are invited to take part in professional development activities sponsored by RUA throughout the year.

Postdoc Portal

The RUA Postdoc Portal connects those looking for postdoc positions with research groups within the nine RUA universities.

Postdoc Concierge

The RUA Postdoctoral Concierge will serve as the initial point of contact for inquiries to the RUA postdoctoral portal from prospective postdoctoral scholars, staff and faculty, and helping navigate the application process.

Decorative Symbol for the Postdoc Concierge. Image shows three diamond squares - nested in decreasing size and colored in coral, yellow, blue and green gradient pattern.
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RUA Events

Annual Conference

The NSF-AGEP RUA Conferences will be hosted by one of the alliance institutions, starting with Harvard University.

The Conference will feature opportunities for cross-institutional exchange and professional development between doctoral students, alumni, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and professional scientists from the participating universities.