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Submission Overview

The RUA postdoc job portal is managed by the RUA Postdoc Concierge. Submitted postdoc candidate profiles will be reviewed upon submission. Matches will be made as positions become available. 

Submission process and what to expect:

1) Interested advanced graduate students and current postdocs create a postdoc candidate profile using the profile form. If there are any questions while applying, please contact the postdoc concierge.

2) Profiles will be matched to available positions based on CIP codes (areas of interest within a specific field) specified on the form. The concierge may reach out to the profile creator with further questions about areas of interest or to facilitate matching.

3) Any student or postdoc creating a profile will be notified of available positions within their CIP code in emails summarizing new openings that could be of interest for them.
4) If profile creators are interested in any of the available positions they should reach out using the contact information found in the job posting.

5) After a future postdoc accepts a position, they should notify the concierge to have their profile removed from consideration for future positions.

Program Focus:

The Research University Alliance supports the advancement of underrepresented graduate students to the postdoctoral level within the Alliance and to the nation’s faculty. The National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) program defines underrepresented students and postdocs as : US citizens, permanent residents or US nationals who also belong to one or more of the following groups: African American, Hispanic/Chicanx/Latinx American, Native American, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander. RUA includes students and postdoctoral fellows from all groups whenever possible, and those who do not meet these NSF eligibility requirements are invited to contact the Postdoc Concierge for more information about possible participation. Eligible disciplines are Mathematics, Physical and Environmental Sciences and Engineering (MPESE).

For more information on the Postdoc Concierge visit the information page, click button below.

Research University Alliance Postdoctoral Profile Form


If you have questions, please contact the RUA Postdoc Concierge.