Job Title: Animal Behavior and Sensory Neuroscience Postdoctoral Fellow – Harvard University

Date of Postdoc Position Posting: 3/1/2022

Postdoctoral Position Discipline: Biological and Biomedical Sciences – Molecular and Cellular Biology

Position Description

The Postdoctoral Fellow will have the opportunity to investigate the algorithmic basis of sensory-guided behavior, with a focus on using naturalistic experimental settings for investigating odor-guided navigation in mice. Research will be performed in an interdisciplinary collaboration with computational neuroscientists and physicists. We are particularly interested in scientists with expertise in experimental neurobiology and behavior.
In addition to professional development opportunities within the lab and exposure to a breadth of scientific disciplines, the Postdoctoral Fellow will be able to take advantage of the scientific communities within Harvard, including the Center for Brain Science, the Harvard Brain Initiative, the Kempner Institute, the Quantitative Biology Initiative, and other institutions in the greater Boston area.

Information about Research/Lab Group: 

The laboratory of Dr. Venkatesh Murthy at Harvard University is looking for a Postdoctoral Fellow in Cambridge, MA. The Murthy lab is interested in understanding the neural and algorithmic basis of sensory-guided behaviors in terrestrial animals. To this end, we have developed behavioral tasks in mice using stimuli and situations that approximate natural settings, while allowing electrophysiological recordings, high-resolution optical imaging and optogenetic manipulation. We record neural activity in behaving mice using electro- or opto-physiological methods and relate them to behavioral features, and attempt to discern the computational algorithms underlying these behaviors. More information can be found on our website:

Required Qualifications

A Ph.D. is required. Ph.D. students in the final year of their thesis work are eligible to apply. Specific degree areas include but are not limited to neurobiology, systems biology, organismal biology, bioengineering, molecular biology, biophysics or physics.

Additional Position Details

  • Opportunity for teaching: No
  • Opportunity for supervision/mentoring: Yes  
  • Opportunity for community outreach and engagement: No

How to Apply:

VIsit job posting website. Please include the following items as part of your application:
A cover letter including a summary of your research experience, your research interests, and your interest in this particular role.
Your curriculum vitae including list of publications.
Name and contact information for 2-5 references. 

Download a PDF copy of this postdoc position posting by clicking on the link here